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I started working in mental health services in 2004 and have worked in a range of services, such as forensic secure services, community mental health teams, acute services, and services for those diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses and those struggling to cope with bereavement.

My interests are in helping those struggling with mental health difficulties to find a path to a place where they can feel more comfortable within themselves and potentially with others around them.

I have received further training in many areas such, as eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT).  In addition, to this I have been trained in many modes of therapy, from CBT, CAT, systemic, psychodynamic and can adapt my approach to support your needs and requirements.

A significant advantage of seeing a Clinical Psychologist (rather than a counsellor or therapist who adopts one specific approach) is that during our training we are supervised in the application of numerous therapeutic approaches and therefore can integrate them to complement the individual's unique needs.  This 'integrative approach' can be beneficial because someone who experiences complex difficulties may not be suited to one particular therapeutic model alone.

Therapy sessions usually last one hour, and take place weekly.  However, if someone wants therapy to take place less frequently, this can also be explored.  The first 1-2 sessions involve an assessment of the individual's difficulties, after which we come to a 'formulation' or agreed understanding of the problem.  At this point, the client and myself make collaborative decisions about the best way forward in terms of therapy and the number of sessions this may take.  It may be that the client wants to take time to consider their options, or they may decide to begin therapy.

Our Services : Service
Deserted Road

Individual Therapy

A High Standard of Care

I am happy and comfortable to work with a range of difficulties from depression, anxiety, eating disorder to adjustment difficulties arising from life-limiting illnesses that are causing distress and bereavements that remain unresolved or too painful to come to terms with following the normal process of grieving.

A Couple & Their Cat

Couple's Therapy

Health Matters

If you want to resolve issues within a relationship and have agreed that both of you want to commit and work on the relationship then I can provide a space for you to resolve those differences and work towards a greater understanding of one another.

Little Hands

Other Services

A High Standard of Care

Other services available are complex assessments using psychometrics or family work.

For more information on these services please get in touch and I will be able to advise.  This is not an extensive list so if you have psychological services you wish to enquire about please do not hesitate to contact me.

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